Djuric: Efforts to stigmatise Serbia have suffered moral bankruptcy

BELGRADE - Commenting on last week's UN General Assembly resolution on Srebrenica, Serbian FM Marko Djuric said on Wednesday efforts to permanently "stigmatise" Serbia and the Serbs had suffered "moral bankruptcy."

Speaking to Prva TV, Djuric said the importance of keeping the resolution from being supported by a majority of humanity could not be emphasised enough.

"Purely because of procedural circumstances and conditions where they had the votes of 84 of 193 member states, they (the proposers) pushed the resolution through. However, the fact that 107 states refused to back that and that 5.3 billion people live in the countries that refused to support something like that puts us in a completely different position," Djuric said.

Efforts to stigmatise Serbia have suffered "complete moral bankruptcy" and the added value is that Serbia's diplomatic work has ...

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