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Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Milovan Drecun for an Explanation over the Spy Scandal

Serbian MP Milovan Drecun, who is believed to be close to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, on November 22 said that Bulgaria was conducting hybrid attacks in Serbia. Because of that, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the Serbian ambassador to Bulgaria for an explanation, BNT reported.

Serbia Documented Russian Espionage Effort, President says

A Russian diplomat filmed apparently giving money to a Serbian official had a number of "conspiratorial meetings" with Serbian army officials at which cash changed hands, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday, adding that he had asked Russia's envoy to Belgrade one question: "Why?"

Zakharova: Provocation preceding an important visit

"Now, as the meeting at the highest level is approaching, we are used to the emergence of interesting stories a week or a few days ahead of important top officials meetings. And then the time goes by and all of this is being dismissed, and turns out to be a cheap provocation", Zakharova said on a regular press conference, Sputnik reports.