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Slovenia and Germany sign cooperation action plan

Berlin – Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon was in Berlin on Friday to meet her German counterpart Annalena Baerbock, with the pair signing a joint action plan on three-year strategic cooperation and announcing further strengthening of cooperation between Slovenia and Germany, also relating to Ukraine.

Bulgaria Parliament Approves Lifting North Macedonia Blockade

Just two days after the ousting of PM Kiril Petkov in a no-confidence vote, Bulgarian legislators on Friday adopted a declaration which would allow their government to potentially lift its veto on starting EU membership talks for neighbouring North Macedonia.

Bulgaria's Parliament Lifted the Veto over North Macedonia

With 170 votes "In favor", parliament accepted Democratic Bulgaria's proposal to give a mandate to the Council of Ministers to accept the French presidency's proposal for North Macedonia.

Study: 41.3% of Bulgarians Do Not Want Early Elections

Slavi Trifonov's actions are against the background of a tangible public reluctance for new sharp political movements - the public background is not in favor of new elections and even government changes. The new French proposal for North Macedonia came amid a continuing firm belief that Skopje has not done enough to remove Bulgaria's "block".

Fajon: Proposal on Bosnia’s EU candidate status gets strong support

Luxembourg – Slovenia’s proposal that the EU should grant Bosnia-Herzegovina EU candidate status as soon as possible received a great deal of support and, above all, a great deal of understanding at today’s meeting of EU foreign ministers, Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon said after she outlined the proposal to her counterparts.

North Macedonia Doubts French Push to Solve Dispute with Bulgaria

As France made last-ditch efforts to unclog North Macedonia's stalled EU accession process, currently blocked by Bulgaria, ahead of this week's EU summit, North Macedonian experts expressed strong doubts about the French proposal.

Bulgarian President: The French Proposal for North Macedonia is the Best and Fairest so far

"The proposals of the French Presidency are the best so far, I'm not just talking about Bulgaria - they are the fairest. (...) Let it be clear: we really have progress for a change in the constitution of North Macedonia and the entry of Bulgarians into the document, which I have been insisting on for a long time. It is already accepted for this to happen".

Week in Review: Juggling Acts and Trojan Horses

On the Brink

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov arrives for the European Council Summit in Brussels, Belgium, 24 March 2022.-EFE/JULIEN WARNAND