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Vilia – At 400 meters from the houses the flames

The fire in Vilia remains uncontrolled, while the settlement is threatened by the flames. An evacuation order is expected from minute to minute, although no message has been sent from the emergency number 112, so far. According to channel Star, 4 or 5 helicopters are currently operating at the site, while residents call for reinforcements of the air force.

Aegialia – The big fire is raging, 16 people are injured [Video]

Two firefighting planes and four helicopters started with the first light of day continuous firing on the fire front in the wider area of ​​Ziria, in Egialia.

At the same time, reinforced ground firefighters, who fought the flames all night, are continuing their efforts, supported by the air force, to reduce the fire and bring it under control.

Iohannis: Aviators have turned flight and air defence into real passion

On Tuesday, July 20, the Day of Romanian Aviation and Air Force, President Klaus Iohannis sent a message in which he shows that this holiday also honours the memory of all the heroes who, throughout history, put their lives at the service of the 'Romanian Wings', with dedication, courage and self-sacrifice.

Report Released on Most Likely Version for MiG-29 Crash in June

The investigation of the Military Police Service on the MiG-29 plane accident on June 9, 2021 during tactical exercises of the air defense formations of the Bulgarian Army and aviation formations of the Air Force - "Shabla 2021", in which the pilot Major Valentin died Terziev, reported by the Ministry of Defense.