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US strikes Iran-linked sites in Syria in retaliation for attacks on US troops

U.S. fighter jets launched airstrikes early Friday on two locations in eastern Syria linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Pentagon said, in retaliation for a slew of drone and missile attacks against U.S. bases and personnel in the region that began early last week.

Greece: The Fire in the Alexandroupolis is the Largest in the EU since statistics have been kept

A forest fire in Greece is the largest recorded in the European Union, said a spokesman for the European Commission, quoted by "Guardian" and "AFP".

Eleven aircraft and a helicopter from the EU fleet have been sent to help fight the fire north of the city of Alexandroupolis along with 407 firefighters, Balazs Ujvari said on Tuesday.

US clears transfer of Dutch, Danish F-16s to Ukraine

Kiev on Aug. 18 welcomed a US decision to let Denmark and the Netherlands hand F-16 fighter jets over to Ukraine once its pilots are trained to use them.

In Russia, the authorities shut down respected rights group the Sakharov Center and announced fresh international sanctions against its critics abroad.

Bulgaria and the US are Increasing Coordination in the Work on the Project to Acquire F-16 Block 70 Combat Aircraft

In the implementation of the project to acquire a new type of combat aircraft F-16 Block 70, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Air Force will be assisted by an adviser from the USA, financed by the American government.

Handover ceremonies mark changes in military

Following deliberations by the Supreme Military Council, handover ceremonies have been conducted at the land and air forces commands to formalize the new assignments within the command structure.

The Defense Ministry unveiled that Gen. Musa Avsever, the retired Land Forces commander, transferred his responsibilities to Gen. Selçuk Bayraktaroğlu.

For a new public safety culture

There is a common thread linking February's deadly train crash at Tempe, July's devastating wildfire on the island of Rhodes, the explosion at an ammunitions dump in Nea Anchialos that same month and the more recent events in the Athens suburb Nea Filadelfia, and that is the complete absence of a public safety culture.

Bulgaria hosts the joint Bulgarian-American exercise "Thracian Summer - 2023”

Bulgaria is hosting the joint Bulgarian-American training exercise "Thracian Summer - 2023", which will take place from August 5 to 20 in the areas of the Bezmer Air Base and Cheshnegirovo Airport. This was announced by the press center of the Ministry of Defense (MoD).