Athens court

Nearly 100 Croatian soccer fans face murder, gang-related charges in Greece after deadly violence

Nearly 100 Croatian soccer fans appeared in an Athens court Wednesday to face criminal charges that include murder and membership of a criminal organization over their alleged involvement in deadly fan violence.

‘Stay away’

After eight years of being dragged through the courts, spending who knows how much money and having his reputation dragged through the mud, the former artistic director of what today is called Hellenic Festival SA - the company that organizes the Athens & Epidaurus Festival - was acquitted of all charges of financial mismanagement by an Athens court of appeals this week.

Mother of 12-year-old sex-trafficking victim to remain in custody

An Athens court on Tuesday rejected a request for release from pretrial custody of the mother of a 12-year-old victim of rape and sexual exploitation.

The decision was unanimous, with the judges on the Council of Misdemeanors ruling that the 37-year-old woman is facing serious charges, including of profiting from the pimping of her daughter and other related offenses.

Suspended sentence pending appeal for 2 rape convictions against well-known actor-director generate widespread criticism

A well-known theater actor-director convicted of two counts of rape of a minor by an Athens court on Wednesday walked free a few hours later, after a 4-3 vote by a mixed panel of judges and jurors suspended his 12-year sentence.