Greek Police

War of words between Ankara, Athens as Turkish provocations at Evros border continue

With  tear-gas toting migrants throwing gases supplied by Ankara and using a Turkish armoured vehicle to tear down the wire fences Greece has set up at the borders and Greek police and military forces deployed on the Greek side of the Greek-Turkish border using tear gas to fend off constant attempts of migrants to cross the border, the Greek foreigtn ministry issued a stern response to Ankara's

Turkish special forces officers fired over Greek military vehicle at border, Kathimerini learns

There is evidence of a sharp increase in aggressive behavior by Turkish security forces in both the Aegean and at the Evros land border, Kathimerini has learned. 

Late on Wednesday, officers of Turkey's special forces fired over a Greek military vehicle that had been stationed on the Greek side of the border, Kathimerini reports. 

Amid Turkey Tensions, a Hostile Environment in Greece

"Unfortunately, tension is growing the past three weeks, with the islanders feeling tired of lifting the burden of the so-called refugee crisis all these years," Stravaridis told BIRN.

He said MSF staff on the island of Lesvos had recently faced two violent incidents, resulting in the closure of an MSF clinic on the island for two days.

Greek border guards on standby for possible mass push by migrants assisted by Turkey

The Greek Police (ELAS) is concerned about a possible mass push by undocumented migrants at the Turkish land border, assisted by Turkish officials, Kathimerini understands.

ELAS' worries stem from witness accounts by both police and armed forces officers according to which Turkish forces have opened up a road parallel to the banks of the River Evros to help migrants pass.

Majority on Greek border ‘non-Syrian refugees’

The Public Supervisory Authority (Ombudsman) has said that most of the refugees rushing to the Turkish-Greek border are non-Syrians living in Turkey.

The authority conducted a field research on the refugee crisis on the border between Turkey and Greece, two weeks after Ankara announced that it will no longer prevent migrants from trying to reach Europe.