Labor Ministry

Pension spending still high

The Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) has entered a trajectory of fiscal balance and actuarial sustainability.

That is the view of both the European Commission in its recent report on the third evaluation after enhanced supervision, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in its report on pensions.

Jobs market displays resilience

The Greek labor market showed strong resistance in July, as although the end of the school term and classes in private education resulted in the loss of 25,867 jobs in the sector and a total of 8,294 jobs across the economy, in the seven months of January to July a historic record was set with regard to hiring versus layoffs, with the creation of 296,624 new jobs.

Changes to digital labor card

The Labor Ministry is bringing significant changes to the digital work card, as well as providing incentives to speed up its use by businesses.

Its objectives remain the containment of undeclared labor and transparency in terms of employment, but ways are being sought to limit the bureaucratic hurdles that often make it difficult to properly implement the measure.