Labor Ministry

Workers to get stipend after April 10

The first payments of a special handout of 800 euros for workers hit by the coronavirus crisis will be made after April 10. The emergency stipend concerns people who are out of work either because their employers were forced to shut down their business by the government or because their contracts have been suspended by enterprises hurt by the pandemic.

Pension hikes to come in June

The new bill by the Labor Ministry that was tabled on Monday in Parliament creates a new landscape for pensions and social security contributions. The interventions promoted have led to a strong reaction by many unions, which have decided to call a 24-hour strike for today.

Pensions for ethnic Greeks

The Labor Ministry will soon table an amendment to a bill that would have disqualified people who have not resided in Greece for 40 years from receiving a state pension, government sources said Friday.
The bill would have affected ethnic Greeks from Albania who pay social security contributions in Greece. Ethnic Greeks held a protest rally in central Athens on Thursday.

Discussions on raising minimum wage get under way

The process for the adjustment of the minimum wage will begin in the last 10 days of February, and according to law it must be completed within four months. Discussions have already started within the government, with spokesman Stelios Petsas reiterating New Democracy's election pledge for an increase up to the level of 703 euros per month in the next three years.