Labor Ministry

Ongoing discussion on minimum wage increase

Discussions are underway this Sunday for the new minimum wage increase, effective April 1.

Initiated on February 5, the process involves consultations scheduled to conclude by March 22, presenting recommendations to set the minimum wage. 

This marks the fourth consecutive increase by the government, from 650 euros in 2019 to €780 in April 2023. 

Work below cost

How strong is the Greek economy, really? Whatever may have been said, there are some safe criteria by which to assess its state. It is only as strong as the labor market, the jobs created and the wages offered. 

New terrorist groups or just the old vets?

Urban guerrillas had gone silent since 2018. That is, until last December, when a bomb was placed outside the headquarters of the riot police in Athens last December.

That one failed to detonate; that was not the case with another bomb that exploded across the street from the Labor Ministry in central Athens on February 3, shattering the windows on the ministry's bottom two floors.

Pension spending still high

The Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) has entered a trajectory of fiscal balance and actuarial sustainability.

That is the view of both the European Commission in its recent report on the third evaluation after enhanced supervision, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in its report on pensions.