Labor Ministry

Social security debt settlement scheme being snapped up

More than 36,000 applications had been submitted for the Labor Ministry's new debt settlement scheme by Friday morning, less than 10 days after the platform for submissions was launched.
The applications come from non-salaried workers who owe money to their healthcare and pension providers and are seeking to settle those debts in up to 120 installments.

Easter bonus must be paid by Wednesday

By Wednesday, April 24, all salary workers in the private sector should have been paid their Easter bonus, according to law. This payment is roughly half the amount of the Christmas bonus. As the Labor Ministry clarified on Friday, the holiday bonuses cannot be replaced by commodities and can only be in cash of credit.

Tourism has revived local labor market

There was a surplus in the Labor Ministry's Ergani hirings register at the end of March, despite the increase to the minimum wage and the abolition of the subminimum salary. The impact of tourism and seasonal employment, combined with the domination of flexible forms of labor, led to a rebound in the market after a rather poor start to the year.

Delivery workers and couriers make their demands felt

Food delivery and courier workers take to the streets of Athens on their way to the Labor Ministry during Thursday's 24-hour strike to demand better working conditions. Strikers are calling on employers to provide scooters to workers, who are not only obliged to use their own vehicles but also, frequently, to pay for gas and cover their own insurance.