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Declic Community, criminal complaint at DNA against PM Florin Citu: We expected prosecutors to address this, it is sad

The representatives of Declic Community submitted, on Friday, to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), a criminal complaint against Prime Minister Florin Citu and the former state councilor Mioara Costin, regarding the surfacing of a "document" with the Government's header, which refers to the PM strategy for the PNL's (National Liberal Party) internal elections.

Minister Ghinea: No danger for the government to fall

Minister of European Investments and Projects Cristian Ghinea (USR PLUS) declared on Friday in the western city of Timisoara that there is no danger that the government could fall. "The government is incapable to carry out reforms the way we, at USR PLUS, would want them done, they way they were agreed in the governing program. The reason for this failure?

Barna: There's no way I can be happy with coalition's governing manner; many goals still unaccomplished

Deputy Prime Minister and USR PLUS Co-Chairman Dan Barna said today that he is not happy with the ruling coalition's governing manner, as many of the goals set at the beginning of the term have not been accomplished; he also remarked that a great part of these goals "have been somewhat conditioned on the clarification of the National Liberal Party's leadership".

PSD: Governants only care about PNL internal struggle, Romanians are abandoned to natural disasters

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) accuses the current rulers of being concerned "only with the internal struggle in the National Liberal Party" (PNL), while floods and havoc have affected several areas of the country, especially the central-western Alba County.

PNL's Orban: I'm not running for new term as PNL leader just because I want to

Bucharest, July 16 /Agerpres/ - PNL (National Liberal Party) leader Ludovic Orban on Friday said in Arad that he has decided to run for a new term because he has the ability to lead the party to new elections. "I am not running for the presidency of the National Liberal Party, for a new term, just because I want to.

Romania’s Axing of Finance Minister Exposes Rift in Ruling Party

In a surprise move, Romania's Prime Minister, Florin Citu, on Thursday sacked the Minister of Finance, his fellow National Liberal Party member, Alexandru Nazare.

"We have delayed projects at the Ministry of Finance - important projects to attract European funds and to eliminate tax evasion," Citu said after the government meeting in which he fired Nazare.

Kelemen Hunor: No blockage in coalition, we support SIIJ abolition; mistakes of past musn't be repeated

Deputy Prime Minister Kelemen Hunor, the chair of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) stated on Wednesday that there is no blockage within the governing coalition on the topic of the dismantlement of the Section for the Investigation of Judicial Crimes (SIIJ) and added that he expects the Senate to be convoked in extraordinary session on the topic, the law being already on the agen

PNL's Orban: For me democracy is fundamental; Citu's statements - a joke

The chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, stated, on Tuesday, regarding the statement made by Prime Minister Florin Citu regarding that the PNL has reached dictatorship, that this is "a joke" and emphasized that for him, democracy is fundamental. "It's a joke. For me, democracy is fundamental, both in society and in the party.

Ciolacu:Like Switzerland, nobody gives us any chance at today's censure motion,will fight until last vote

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu stated on Tuesday that, just as Switzerland's football team, nobody gives the Social Democrats any chances at the censure motion, but they will fight until the last vote. "Last night, together with tens of thousands of spectators, I saw what it means to fight until the last minute.