Republican Party

Top GOP members withdraw support from Donald Trump over sex video revelations

After The Washington Post published a leaked 2005 video in which Trump bragged to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush about how he was able to grope women because he’s famous, finally some Republicans in Congress are beginning to distance themselves from Trump.

Cruz, Kasich team up to stop party frontrunner Trump

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have agreed to join forces to try to deny frontrunner Donald Trump the Republican Party's presidential nomination, their campaigns said April 24.

The sudden alliance, revealed in short statements, arose due to the pressing timing of the Republican party's presidential primary season.

Donald Trump and Groucho Marx

The odds have lengthened against a Donald Trump presidency after his Wisconsin defeat, and they were probably already ten-to-one against. If he wins the Republican nomination, which is still very likely, he will almost certainly face Hillary Clinton in the November election, and lose badly.