Republican Party

Greek-American Reince Priebus to be Trump’s Chief-of-Staff

On Sunday, president-elect Donald Trump appointed Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee and a loyal campaign adviser, his White House Chief of Staff.

Greek-American Washington insider Priebus was chosen from a shortlist of names that also included Steve Bannon, the right-wing media boss who took over Trump’s presidential campaign in its final weeks.

Russia's Ordzhonikidze: There Must Be Re-start of Relations Between Russia, USA

Moscow sees as a positive quality the determination of the newly-elected President of the USA Donald Trump, stated former Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ordzhonikidze.


The Russian diplomat said on BNR that Russia, and the Soviet Union before that, have always worked better with US presidents from the Republican Party.


Trump: The Anti-Hero

Finally the U.S. elections have got a winner. But the process is not over yet. They have given way to a world-wide discussion: What does Trump's victory mean after all?

It means the collapse of everything called "mainstream": Mainstream media and mainstream politics. 

The brave new world with Donald Trump

Last Tuesday night, I went to bed thinking that I would probably wake up to a world with Hillary Clinton as the next American president. I woke up instead, of course, to Donald Trump as the next American president. It was a big surprise, of course, if not a shock. But I told myself, as I later told others, "Don't panic, it probably won't be that bad." 

Donald “Trumps”

Erstwhile real estate mogul and TV reality star Donald Trump not only takes Manhattan – by surprise – but the rest of America as well, becoming the nation’s 45th president following a neck-and-neck race as Republican Party presidential nominee against Democratic Party rival, Hillary Clinton.

Thoughts about the next US president

By the time you are reading these lines, the presidential election in the United States will be over. You will know, in other words, whether the next American president will be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. But I am writing these lines many hours before the election results. I have no idea, therefore, who will be the next leader of the world's superpower.