Serbian Orthodox Church

Serbian Patriarch Porfirije is surprised, worried and regrets Krivokapic's decision

According to the statement, the topic of conversation was the Basic Agreement between the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Government of Montenegro. The meeting was also attended by Metropolitan Chrysostom of Dabar-Bosnia, Bishop Jovan of umadija and Bishop Joanikije of the eparchy of Budimlja-Niki.

Serbian Church in Kosovo Sets Terms for ‘Communication’ With Kurti

The Serbian Orthodox Church has given a guarded response to Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti's stated wish to open up dialogue with its best-known cleric in Kosovo, Fr Sava Janjic, the media-savvy abbot of the famous 14th-century Decani Monastery, in western Kosovo.

Vučić: A heavy burden is ahead of us

As Vui says, Kurti talks all the time about Kosovo's cultural heritage and Kosovo's heritage, not Serbian.
Vui said that on the occasion of the letter that Kurti addressed to the abbot of the monastery Visoki Decani, father Sava Janji, in which he presented him with "the commitment of the Kosovo government in the protection of the Kosovo heritage of all communities in Kosovo".

Vučić on the French solution: "We'll see what's going on between Pristina and Athens"

He added that "big and important" consultations on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija will follow in the coming days.
Asked about speculations that France could take over the "lead" regarding the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Vui answered for TV Pink:

Germany has a message for Pristina, and between the lines, there is one for Serbia

He estimated that filing a lawsuit against Serbia for genocide would be a very long process that would stop many things in Kosovo and Metohija.
Rhode told KTV yesterday that they understand that it is important to face the past, but he assessed that the issue of the lawsuit against, as he stated, "other states" is a very problematic and perhaps wrong way for progress.

Happy Easter

The midnight Easter liturgy in the Temple of Saint Sava was served by the newly elected Vicar Bishop Stefan of Remesiana.
His Holiness Patriarch of Serbia Porfirije will serve the Holy Hierarch's Liturgy in the church of St. Sava on Easter, May 2, starting at 9 am, Serbian Orthodox Church announced.

Montenegro to Sign Agreement With Serbian Orthodox Church

PM Zdravko Krivokapic (left) during the Christmas procession in a church in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

"I have been talking with Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch, Porfirije, and we will soon agree on the date of signing the agreement. This issue must not be the subject of politicization in order to score political points," Krivokapic wrote on Twitter.