Hefty fines from EU Court in LARCO case

The Court of Justice of the European Union (WEU) weighed in heavily for the LARCO case. According to today's decision, Greece is obliged to pay a lump sum of 5.5 million euros and a fine of more than 4 million euros per half-year of delay, because it did not recover the state aid of 160 million euros granted to the nickel industry.

The history

Payment of 30 euros starts tomorrow: Here's who gets the money first

It is a measure that is being implemented within the third aid package to the economy and citizens in order to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic, and the money will first be paid to pensioners and recipients of financial social assistance, the Ministry of Finance announced.

Calls to reduce poverty made on poverty eradication day

Ljubljana – Slovenian NGOs and the human rights ombudsman have called on the authorities to take measures to reduce poverty to the largest degree possible as the world observes International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on Sunday. The ministry in charge social affairs on the other hand says the government has not forgotten the socially deprived.

Energy Poverty Issue Comes to Fore as Winter Approaches and Prices Get out of Hand

  With energy prices rising and winter approaching, millions of people across Europe are worried about whether they'll be able to afford their next gas or electricity bill.

And the lasting economic effects of the pandemic could make this energy poverty even worse.

ELSTAT – Risk of poverty for almost 1 in 2 people living in Greece

The population at risk of poverty or social exclusion rose to 28.9% of the country's population (3,043,869 people) in 2020, showing a decrease compared to 2019 by 1.1 percentage points (3,161,936 people corresponding to 30, 0% of the population), according to the latest data of the Income and Living Conditions Survey of Households 2020 of the Hellenic Statistical Authority.