Military Budget Disparity Between Ukraine and Russia Deepens Despite US Aid Package

The US Congress has finally approved a long-awaited aid package for Ukraine, totaling nearly 61 billion USD, including military assistance. The bill's passage comes as a crucial lifeline for Ukraine, although concerns persist over the country's ability to match Russia's military spending.

Bulgarian Farmers to Receive BGN 300 Million Aid Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis

In a bid to support its agricultural sector amidst the ongoing tensions stemming from Russia's war against Ukraine, Bulgaria announces a significant aid package for farmers. Close to 52,000 farmers are set to benefit from the allocation of BGN 300 million in State aid by May 15, 2024, citing his Union's press release issued on Thursday.

Two paradoxes in a row

On what criteria is Greece's European strategy based? The question arises from our country's completely paradoxical attitude on two major issues: first, the single market, and second, the debate on the joint defense bonds. 

EU regulators seek views on extending temporary state aid rules for agricultural sector

The European Commission has asked EU countries for feedback on a limited extension of temporary state aid rules for the agricultural sector as it cited persisting market disturbances and following months of farmers' protests across the European Union.