Antiquarianism & Philhellenism | Athens | To April 30

Visitors to Athens International Airport will have a chance to catch a sneak preview of the Museum of Cycladic Art's big upcoming show "Antiquarianism and Philhellenism," organized to mark the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution and scheduled to open as soon as coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Dozens of buildings get new lease on life in Greek capital

Crews of the Athens municipality have removed tons of trash since last March from more than 60 buildings that were under occupation by squatters or used as a hideout by petty thieves and drug users.

Many of these buildings had been evacuated in recent months in police operations, but the evictees left behind waste of all kinds, mixed with loot and food scraps, clothes and utensils.

Four-hour work stoppage called on tram on Wednesday

The Attica Tram Electricians Association on Tuesday announced a four-hour work stoppage from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday "since it does not see any substantial solution to the problems."

In a statement, the association bemoaned a series of shortcomings, including the operation of the tram telematics system, which has remained "problematic" for the last 22 months.

Turkey and us

We are always wondering whether international developments are favorable for Greece. 

However, whoever holds the reins in Washington or in Europe, whoever sees Greece's interests favorably, the country is doomed to have to talk to Turkey. 

Diplomatic communication, of course, does not mean bargaining, especially over those claims that Athens does not even discuss. 

Greece still in the grip of cold weather

Bad weather has a lot of Greece under its grip, with snowfall and below freezing temperatures.

In the Athens area, mostly in the northern parts, some roads are closed, police warn.

These include: the road to Mt. Parnitha, the Alimou-Katechaki road, Anapafseos Street, in the suburb of Papagou, beyond the cemetery and Fylis and Tatoiou Avenues, northwest of Athens.