Municipality to address building height bonuses

The controversial issue of the maximum heights of buildings in the Greek capital will be addressed on Monday at the municipal council of Athens. 

The municipality will reportedly present a legal opinion, according to which the building height bonuses included in the building regulation cannot be applied, since they go beyond what is defined by a relevant decree issued in 1955. 

Mt Lycabettus church slapped with fine

The city planning department of the Municipality of Athens has imposed a fine of 1.26 million euros on the Church of Agios Isidoros on Lycabettus Hill in central Athens for illegal expansion into a forest area with arbitrary constructions. The chapel, which dates back to the 1930s, was built on the ruins of a post-Byzantine church.

Female choir captivates at ancient stoa

The female vocal ensemble Chores performs under the direction of Greece's Eurovision entry, Marina Satti, at the Stoa of Attalos in the Ancient Agora of Athens on Wednesday. The ensemble presented choral arrangements of traditional Greek melodies, intertwined with new transcriptions of folk songs, written especially for Chores by contemporary composers.

Seeing Athens through tourists’ eyes

The most interesting aspect of the soaring number of foreign tourists in Athens, in any case a welcome phenomenon, lies in its potential to better our self-understanding. The influx of foreign visitors into the city has been generating images that are unprecedented, or at least unimaginable just five or eight years ago.