Boris Yeltsin

Vladimir Putin Wins Russian Elections with 76.65% of the Votes

Vladimir Putin rolled to a crushing re-election victory Sunday for six more years as Russia's president, and he told cheering supporters in a triumphant but brief speech that "we are bound for success."

There had been no doubt that Putin would win in his fourth electoral contest; he faced seven minor candidates and his most prominent foe was blocked from the ballot.

A typical Balkan story

Boris Yeltsin's Russia was one of the first countries to recognize the southernmost state to split from Yugoslavia as "Republic of Macedonia." The Kremlin's stance back then was dictated by the misguided impression that it could revive the pan-Slavist policy of the tzars.

Russian Opposition Politician Boris Nemtsov Shot Dead in Moscow

Russian opposition politician and former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov has been shot dead in central Moscow.

Nemtsov was shot four times in the back by an unknown attacker, according to a law enforcement source, as cited by the Interfax news agency.

The killer is said to have escaped in a car.

The incident happened at around 23:40 local time near the Kremlin.