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Bosnia Constitution Still ‘Outrageously’ Violates Minority Rights – HRW

A decade after the European Court of Human Rights first ruled that the Bosnian constitution violates the rights of minorities, Human Rights Watch, HRW, has said in a press release that Bosnia has done nothing to end second-class status for Jews, Roma, and other minorities.

"There is no Bosniac language linguistically different from Serbian - Hate outburst"

Bosniac National Council considers that the attitude of the Committee for the standardization of Serbian language that there is no Bosniak language, linguistically different from Serbian, presents yet "another chauvinist outburst of hatred and hostility of the part of the academic community in Serbia towards Bosniaks, and Bosnian as their mother tongue".

Bosnian State Profits from Emigrants Renouncing Citizenship

According to the draft budget for the coming year, which was discussed by Bosnia and Herzegovina's Council of Ministers on Tuesday, state institutions will earn between 1.2 and 1.4 million Bosnian marks (between 600,000 and 700,000 euros) in payments for renouncing citizenship in 2019.

Serbian Bosniaks Ask to Change Schools' Names

The vice-president of the Bosnian National Council, Esad Dzudzo, told BIRN that the organisation that represents Bosniaks' interests in Serbia will use all legal means to push its proposal for eight schools in the country's southern Sandzak region to be renamed after prominent Bosniaks, despite opposition from state officials.