“Zombies” descend on G20 Summit in Hamburg (photos-video)

A thousand “zombie” protesters have descended on Hamburg in protest against the two-day G20 summit between the “political elite” to be held in the northern German city on Friday.
The performance protesters dressed in grey from head to toe and, for several days ahead of the beginning of the summit, have been popping up in small groups across the city in silent, eerie protests.

Ahead of G20 Summit Putin Calls Sanctions 'Covert Form' of Protectionism

''Russia is in favor of an open and rules-based trade order to boost global growth, and sanctions imposed against Moscow are a "covert form" of protectionism'', President Vladimir Putin was quoted as saying on Thursday ahead of a G20 summit in Germany, Reuters reported.

Trump’s America is “No Friend” says Germany’s Angela Merkel ahead of “thorny” G20 Summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is no longer describing Donald Trump’s U.S. as a “friend” in campaign literature for the country’s elections in September, and divisions are expected to widen between the leaders at the G20 summit this week.