Seeking continuity in foreign policy

Significant efforts are under way to ensure that the period of flux between the two expected rounds of voting in Greece's general elections brings no unpleasant surprises with regard to the easing of tension in Greek-Turkish relations, but also to prepare for any likely upsets from the elections in Turkey.

Passport Privilege: Turkish Fraudster’s Route to Honorary Greek Citizenship

The Greek public had to wait for investigative outlet 'inside story' to break the news on July 7, triggering fierce debate over Ayavefe's suitability for such an honour. For Ayavefe is no musicologist or historian, and certainly no wizard on the basketball court.

Yasam Ayavefe

Κατερίνα Καινούργιου: Με ανατρεπτικό λουκ και ονόματα- έκπληξη στην ομάδα της ετοιμάζεται για πρεμιέρα στον Alpha

H «Super Κατερίνα» έρχεται στις 13 Σεπτεμβρίου