Sexy Katerina Stikoudi a “prisoner” (photo)

Hot Greek singer Katerina Stikoudi is in New York taking some time off from her schedule. It is Halloween in the US, and the sexy singer dressed up as a prisoner with handcuffs and the appropriate orange suit. Katerina, who put on some blue lipstick, shared her picture on Instagram with her fans, who immediately poured on the likes.

Katerina Stikoudi and her outdoors outfit! (video+photos)

Summer is well over, but hot Greek singer Katerina Stikoudi is still full of energy and ready to enjoy the outdoors! Sexy Katerina decided to take a mountain hike and take in the fresh air. To the delight of her fans, the ‘bodylicious’ Katerina uploaded her adventures on instagram, and showed off her fit figure in a photo and a video.

The Antetokounmpo brothers with sexy Katerina Stikoudi (photos)

Milwaukee Bucks NBA star, Giannis Antetokounmpo (aka the Greek freak), and his brother Thanasis, who was drafted by the Delaware 87ers in 2013, took part in a sexy photo-shoot with Greek singer Katerina Stikoudi for magazine ‘Down Town’. The two brothers, who grew up in the rough Sepolia neighbourhood of down town Athens, were dressed in black, while the hot Katerina wore a red bodysuit.

11 companies that proposed 250-300 euros/month for Greek workers

A number of multinationals are exploiting the Greek crisis by taking advantage of the large numbers of unemployed. Daily To Vima listed 11 multinationals that called for wages at 250-300 euros so that they could continue operations in Greece a few months ago. It is worth recalling which multinationals are exerting this pressure: