Military history of Cyprus

Cyprus crucial to East Med developments

In what is seen as a major diplomatic game unfolding in the Eastern Mediterranean, the fate of the Cyprus issue remains at the forefront.

An important step is the informal five-day meeting on the Cyprus issue that will take place in early March. It remains unclear if the 62nd round of exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey will take place before this meeting.

What kind of a Cyprus solution?

As we move toward an informal five-party conference on the Cyprus issue in New York, several questions arise. The first is whether the necessary preparation has been made and the right conditions have been created for the United Nations initiative to succeed. The answer is probably "no." 

Turkey, Turkish Cyprus to discuss upcoming 5+1 format talks

Turkey and Turkish Cyprus will seek to coordinate their positions concerning the future steps to be taken for resolving the Cyprus problem before 5+1 format talks as Ankara urged the United Nations to stop relying on "a tested and exhausted process" that has failed to resolve the Cyprus dispute for "more than 50 years."