Huge rally against NATO and EU in the heart of Europe VIDEO/PHOTO

They also raised their voices against the European Union and NATO.
The organizers of the demonstrations, who come from numerous right-wing groups and smaller groups, including the Communist Party, said that the Czech Republic should be militarily neutral and should ensure direct contacts with gas suppliers, including Russia, Reuters reported.

Kiril Petkov: We have done Terribly Good Things for the People, Ninova is a Great Partner

"This time we will have 121 deputies. People felt that in these 7 months we made a very good first step. Yes, the absolute change will take more than 7 months, but the first steps are a fact. A real change happened at Kapitan Andreevo and we stopped pesticides from entering the kitchen of Bulgarians.

Bulgaria was represented at a Christmas Concert of the EU Delegation to Canada

For the seventh time in a row, Bulgaria took part in the solemn Christmas concert in the Canadian capital Ottawa, coordinated by the EU Delegation and realized with the help of all embassies of EU member states. The Bulgarian ambassador attended the event.

Mathematician: Bulgaria Might Surpass its “Darkest” Years in Terms of Mortality

Bulgaria may surpass its darkest years in terms of mortality. The gloomy prognosis was made by the mathematician Lachezar Tomov on the air of "Hello, Bulgaria". He, businessman Krassimir Dachev and Ivan Todorov, deputy chairman of the Bulgarian Hospital Association, commented on the complicated situation.

Bulgaria: Prosecution Office Opens Six Cases in US Magnitsky Sanctions Followup

Acting on its own initiative, Bulgaria's prosecution service has instituted six case files after the US Treasury Department and State Department announced on Wednesday that they are sanctioning a total of six Bulgarians over their involvement in significant corruption. 

Czechs Hold Vigil in Memoriam of Pandemic Victims, Light 30,000 Candles

Czechs lit nearly 30,000 candles at Prague Castle, the seat of the presidency, on Monday evening to pay their respects to the pandemic's victims, AP reported. The hard-hit European Union nation of 10.7 million people has registered at least 29,711 virus-related deaths.