A third of Attica forests burned in last seven years

Twelve major fires have burned more than 60,000 hectares in seven years, claiming a third (33%) of Attica's forests, according to the updated analysis by the National Observatory of Athens' Meteo service of data provided by the EU's Copernicus Rapid Mapping Service and the European Forest Fire Observatory (EFFIS).

From observation to action

Observations can be valuable, especially when they're novel. Indeed, the transformation of climate change into a climate crisis is undeniable. Extreme weather events are here to stay. Higher temperatures are now the norm. The conditions that foster significant wildfires will not go away.

Evacuation alert issued on Andros due to wildfire outbreak

Residents and tourists on the island of Andros in the Cyclades have been issued an evacuation alert through the emergency number 112 due to an ongoing wildfire.

Authorities in civil protection are urging individuals within the Gides region, located near Vitali on the northeastern coast of the island, to relocate to the port of Gavrio on the northwest side of the island.

Keeping calm

The wildfires that have struck Greece are unprecedented and have inflicted substantial damage. Greece is not the only country grappling with such a crisis. Holding a single political figure accountable for operational errors would be both irrational and unjust.