PM Ponta: Romania-EC Partnership Agreement to be improved before signing

Photo credit: (c) Grigore POPESCU / AGERPRES Photo

The last draft of Romania's Partnership Agreement with the European Commission is much better than the original one; the Romanian Government will take into account EC's observations and will improve the document to be signed, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Thursday evening.

'It's' quite simple. We correct everything that needs to be negotiated with the European Commission. All countries get observations on their Partnership Agreements. I am sure that, although you didn't ask, the European Commission nevertheless noted that it's a much better agreement than the original draft. This means we improve it, then we sign it,' Ponta said after an event hosted by the Danish Embassy on Denmark's Constitution Day.

The PM was answering a question about European Commission's critical observations to the Partnership Agreement with Romania as regards the Transportation Master-plan and the omission of the anticorruption strategy.AGERPRES

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