What is the name of our state?

I know this is an absurd question. The name of our state in all official documents here and abroad is the ?Republic of Turkey.? Well then, why such a question; why such a title? 

Let me explain. 

While he was delivering his Aug. 30 Victory Day message, our new Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar said some interesting things which drew my attention. 

In his speech, he used the word ?Turkish? in 14 different places. He selected noun and adjective phrases such as Turkish history, Turkish land, Turkish state, Turkish army, Turkish army officer, Turkish nation, Turkish revolution, Turkish Armed Forces, Turkish Armed Forces Day. 

In his definition of ?Turkish land,? he said, ?With the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, it was confirmed that Anatolia had become a Turkish land.? This is a very powerful statement. 

His definition of the Turkish state was the most noteworthy phrase. Gen. Akar in his speech said Turkish Republic. 

I looked up the constitutional text on the official website of the Turkish Parliament. The official phrase in there was this: ? the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.?

I am the first person to write, when the resolution process started, that the word ?Turkish? will not be ripped out of our daily language and that the ?Turkish sensitivity? should be taken into account. 

The curses and the swear words I received in one week from the Justice and Development Party (AKP) of the period and from the liberals included these words: Racist, fascist, separatist, Hitler, Nazi, spit on your face, superficial, hallow, clown and bastard? 

As the person who endured all those criticisms that day, I am now writing the following: In our system, in two very important places, it is ?Turkey...

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