Military health system an absolute need

Complaints have started over the problems occurring in the practice of handing over military hospitals, including the Gülhane Military Medical Academy (GATA), to the Health Ministry. 

One of the complaints is about the transport to civilian hospitals of soldiers wounded during clashes or terror attacks in the country's southeast, as well as the slow procedure and delays in these transfers.   

Similar to pilots resigning from the Air Force, the number of military doctors leaving is increasing. Before military hospitals were handed over to the Health Ministry, the number of academics who quit GATA because of the pressure of Gülenists and other reasons is close to 100. Since the failed coup attempt on July 15, the number of academics in GATA expelled because of alleged ties to Gülenists is 60; the number of specialists is around 40. Also, the number of military doctors who quit after the handover to the Health Ministry is around 40. In total, about 240 academic and specialists have left the system. 

Complaints have reached top military officials. Health Minister Recep Akdağ, Defense Minister Fikri Işık and military officials are conducting talks to solve the issues. 

Retired GATA Prof. Ali Şehirlioğlu spoke about the military health system, military practice and GATA. He argued that to avoid the collapse of the military health system, GATA and military hospitals should go back to the old system.  

"GATA and military medicine is an absolute need for the Turkish Armed Forces [TSK]. The formula for the Health Ministry to take over has started creating negative effects both in physical healthcare services and in the morale of soldiers. The solution is to grant GATA its previous status or at least for it to be a part of the...

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