The Enormous Iceberg Near Antarctica is now Moving in Open Sea

Source: Twitter

The huge iceberg, which a week ago separated from Antarctica, began to move to the open sea, world agencies reported.

The huge piece of ice weighs 1 trillion tons and has a size of 5800 sq. km.

The latest satellite images show that the distance between the iceberg and the ice of Antarctica is increasing. The photographs were taken with the Deimos 1 satellite.

At this time of year, it is very difficult to observe the Antarctic icebergs because of bad weather and long winter nights.

According to scientists, the iceberg "behaves properly" at this point.

The photos of Deimos reveal another thing - a smaller iceberg has separated from the big one in a process called. "Quick ice". It is only a few meters thick, unlike the body of the big piece where the ice reaches over 200 meters thick. Reported by BTV. 

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