17 Things to Throw Out of Your Home Before the End of the Year


New Year, the same ... mess? No thanks. Do yourself a favour and throw away the useless items before the beginning of 2018. So you will have a fresh start ( in a literal sense), you will have better energy in your home and you will "invite" the luck in it.

Here's what you should throw away by the end of this month. Do not forget that if some of them are in good shape, you can give them to people in need.

1. Old newspapers and magazines.

2. Medicines that have expired.

3. Old makeup.

4. Clothes that you have not dressed for years.

5. Electrical appliances that are irretrievably damaged.

6. Torn socks.

7. Food in the shelves, life of which has expired.

8. Old bills and receipts.

9. Directions you no longer need.

10. Shoes that are no longer worn.

11. Unwanted gifts without sentimental value.

12. Worn towels.

13. Pens which are already used.

14. Cables without real application.

15. Old cleaning preparations.

16. Discs or DVDs that you do not listen to / watch.

17. Accessories You Never Wear.


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