Bulgarian Institutions Continue to Use Unprotected Websites

Bulgarian institutions continue to use unprotected websites. Some of them offer electronic reports and services, making them vulnerable.

According to statistics for unprotected sites in 2014 were half of all, and now without certificate are only 10%. Unfortunately, a number of Bulgarian institutions fall into this column.

Three Ministries and 14 Executive and State Agencies do not have security certificates on their sites, which means browsers are registering their websites as insecure for providing personal and financial data.

The problem is that some of these agencies provide electronic services. This makes it possible for the person in the middle to attack when the user's data is stolen and used for criminal purposes.

Among state agencies that do not have security certificates on their site are agencies for Bulgarians abroad, cadastre, registers, Archives Agency, Food Safety, Medicines Agency, Medical Audit, SANS, and the Strategic site publishing draft documents from the institutions.

"There should be no government or public institution allowed not to protect the data it provides as a public organization. In case of incidents, trust in the state and its electronic services will be lost, "Yasen Tanev, cyber security expert, told bTV.

When the sitelink is not secured, all login information for these systems is transmitted open and anyone can see the password and username to check where the user entered.

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