Varoufakis, Kotzias and the dwindling ‘progressive army’

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been blindsided and thrown completely off his game plan. His narrative of a "progressive army" and a fresh rally of forces for elections "that will determine the future" is coming under constant attack. The Progressive Alliance was intended to move SYRIZA closer to the center so that it could resonate more strongly with the broader "progressive" section of voters - though what constitutes progressive and conservative in today's world is a matter of debate - and to more fully acquire the characteristics of one of the two pillars of the two-party system, pushing center-left Movement for Change to the sidelines.

Tsipras' plan, however, has been scuppered by two developments in the broader area of the Left, which are of significant symbolic importance and may affect the balance of power. What he hopes to achieve in the next few weeks is to...

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