State of Emergency Declared in Rousse District over African Swine Fever

State of emergency has been declared on July 23 on the territory of Bulgaria's Rousse District (northern Bulgaria) in relation to the spread of African swine fever after the infection has entered one of the largest pig farms in the area. The business is pushing for stricter measures and state help to counteract the problem. Owners of pig famrs are of the opinion that the expected compensations for the losses caused by the infection are not sufficient and the measures taken are delayed, reports BNT. 

Three of the largest industrial pig farm, which provide about one third of the meat in Bulgaria, are In the municipality of Slivo Pole.

Valentin Atanassov, Mayor of Slivo Pole Municipality said that all possible measures have been taken, but the problem is still big.

Owners of big pig famrs are certain that some of the measures taken by the state are too late.

In the village of Kozloduytsi, the business offers an alternative approach to make sure that all measures to counteract the infection are taken.

More than BGN 2 million will be allocated by the state for the culling of nearly 17,000 pigs in the industrial farm in the village of Nikolovo in Rousse district. European funds are also expected for compensation of farm losses.

However, pig farmers comment that the amount of compensation does not even come close to the investments they have made. According to them, African swine fever will continue to spread. And they warn that the epidemic could turn into a pandemic that would lead to disaster for both the environment and the economy.

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