ASF in the Area of ​​Byala

Starting today, Food Safety Agency officials will go from house to house in small settlements in northern Bulgaria to verify that farmers have complied with the order to voluntarily kill pigs in their yards. The deadline for this expired yesterday and the fine is from one hundred to one thousand levs.

Efforts by veterinary authorities in Ruse are currently aimed at controlling the outbreak of African swine fever in the area of ​​Byala, where a sick pig was found in a farmyard. In the area, 140 animals will be euthanized in 6 unregistered small farms.

Dr. Georgi Dyakov, Director of the Regional Directorate of the BFSA - Rousse: Now Byala is already becoming an outbreak of infection.

Wild pigs with positive virus samples were found in the villages of Chervena Voda and Gorno Ablanovo in Ruse. No euthanasia and animal burial have been completed in any pig farm in Ruse. It is expected to happen within 5 days.

Today will begin the first protests of farmers dissatisfied with the slaughter of domestic pigs across the country.

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