We Can Expect a Relatively Warm Autumn in Bulgaria, with Normal Rainfall for the Season

We can expect relatively warm autumn, with normal rainfall for the season, climatologist Assoc. Prof. Ilian Gospodinov of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology said in an interview with Focus News Agency.
It is very difficult to make long-term forecasts but it seems unlikely that the coming autumn will be very cold, Gospodinov said. In his words, the transitional seasons of spring and autumn are a bit special, as autumn starts with quite warm weather and ends with practically winter weather - from summer temperatures on 1 September to winter temperatures on 30 November. "It is unlikely that the average seasonal temperatures will be much below the norm or the season will be relatively cold overall, rather it will be a season with temperatures close or higher than usual," he said, adding that he expects a relatively warmer and drier September and more rainy weather as autumn progresses.

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