Croatia Offers Houses for One Kuna

In Croatia you can buy a property in picturesque Legrad for just one kuna. According to the Croatian Radio and Television, inquiries are coming from all over the country, as well as from some neighboring countries.

It is stated that this is one of the measures taken by the municipal authorities to retain and attract young families in their area. The condition are the buyers to be under 40 years of age and to remain in Legrad for the next 15 years. In return, the municipality subsidizes the purchase of homes in its area by individuals up to a maximum of 35,000 kunas or gives 25,000 kunas to renovate existing ones.

In addition to municipal property, construction sites for 1 kuna can be purchased in Legrad. The mayor of Legrad rightly emphasizes that the municipality has the lowest unemployment rate in the county and there is virtually no unemployed person there.

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