Swiss song triumphs at Eurovision; Greece in 11th place

[Martin Meissner/AP]

Swiss singer Nemo won the 68th Eurovision Song Contest early Sunday with "The Code," an operatic pop-rap ode to the singer's journey toward embracing a nongender identity.

Switzerland's contestant beat Croatian rocker Baby Lasagna to the title by winning the most points - 591 - from a combination of national juries and viewers around the world. Croatia followed with 547 points, Ukraine with 453, France with 445 and Israel with 375, most from the viewers.

Greece's Marina Satti came in in 11th place with 126 points, with "Zari" ("dice").

Nemo, 24, is the first nonbinary winner of the contest that has long been embraced as a safe haven by the LGBT community. Nemo is also the first Swiss winner since 1988, when Canadian chanteuse Celine Dion competed under the Swiss flag.

"Thank you so much," Nemo said after the result from Saturday's final was announced...

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