ParliamentaryElection2020/USR PLUS co-chair Dan Barna can't go to vote, but his colleagues urge people to go

The co-chair of USR PLUS (Save Romania Union - Freedom, Unity, Solidarity Party), Deputy Dan Barna, the first on the list for the Chamber of Deputies in Sibiu County, cannot vote, but the next one on the list, Marius Vulcan, and the first on the list for the Senate, Claudiu Muresan, urged the people of Sibiu to go to the polling stations. Dan Barna tested positive for COVID-19 and is unable to vote even with a mobile ballot box, currently being isolated in Bucharest, while his domicile is in Sibiu. Barna is running for a second term as Deputy. Dan Barna is at the top of the USR PLUS Sibiu list for the Chamber of Deputies, being followed by Marius Vulcan, Ioan Plesciuc, Cristian Vîlcu, Daniela Ilie and Carmen Novac. The USR PLUS Sibiu candidates for the Romanian Senate are: Claudiu Muresan, Anca Malaiu and Traian Belei. "We voted for Sibiu and for the change of Romania for the better. We voted for a future as we all want it. The vote lasted a short time and took place safely. The vote is our right and responsibility and today we choose those who do better laws and projects for citizens," said Marius Vulcan, USR PLUS candidate for the Chamber of Deputies. Claudiu Muresan, the first on the USR PLUS Sibiu Senate list, is urging voters to vote. "I voted safely and quickly. I went to the polls with a mask, disinfectant and personal pen. Take care of yourself and go and choose now for the next four years of well-governed Romania. I am confident that together we will succeed in building a country like we want it to be, and the first step is today's vote," said Claudiu Muresan. AGERPRES (RO-author: Isabela Paulescu, editor: Karina Olteanu, EN - author: Cristina Zaharia)

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