Bulgaria: President Starts Consultations with Parties on Government Formation

Today, April 19, the President calls representatives of the parliamentary parties for consultations on the formation of a new cabinet.

During the day, the head of state will meet with all six parties.

First in turn are the representatives of GERB-UDF. The following are "There Is Such a People", BSP, MRF, Democratic Bulgaria and Stand Up! Mafiosi out!""

Under the law the president's next step is serving a mandate to form a government.

The first mandate will be handed to GERB, the second to the party of Slavi Trifonov, and if it comes to a third attempt, the mandate will be serviced at the discretion of the President.

Within seven days, the parties and coalitions must propose a government.

If the third attempt to form a government fails, the President issues a decree disbanding the 45th National Assembly, schedules early elections within two months and appoints a caretaker cabinet.


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