Istanbul, Thessaloniki to be on Bodrum Cup’s route in 2023

The route of the Bodrum Cup will be Istanbul-Thessaloniki-Bodrum next year, the event's organizer has announced.

"We are proud to have provided benefits to our country and society with all the events, projects, studies and valuable collaborations we have established," Süleyman Uysal said.

"As we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Bodrum Cup and the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we are excited to sail in Istanbul and Thessaloniki next year," he added. Türkiye was declared a republic in October 1923.

"We will continue to create more value in our country with our upcoming organizations."

More than 150 yachts, 1,500 sailors and 10,000 visitors participated in the organization, Uysal informed.

The final stage of the cup, which has been held in the Aegean province of Muğla's Bodrum district for 34 years, has been completed.

While the champion of the races was Hızır 1, the team also won the "challenge" category. STS Bodrum in "gulet" and Zargana in the "cruiser" categories were awarded.

Thanks to its celebrating third championship in a row, Hızır 1 also became the owner of the regatta flag.

In addition to Bodrum's wooden boats, performance boats and catamarans also participated in the races, which were held in five stages between Kissebükü, Gümüşlük and Bodrum on a route covering a total of 75 nautical miles.

The event was organized in a bid to increase awareness about KADES, a mobile application launched by the Interior Ministry that enables women to notify security forces for immediate help.

During the Çökertme-Kissebükü stage of the tournament, held between Oct. 15 and 22, one of the participants, doctor Nihan Eren, 49, died of a heart attack on the boat.

Upon the call for help, the...

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