Which were the Most Preferred Names for Newborns in Bulgaria in 2022

Last year was another year in which Alexander and Victoria were the most preferred names for newborns in Bulgaria, according to data from the National Statistical Institute. 873 and 605 babies were named with the two names, respectively.

Among the boys, Georgi /George eng./ (820) and Martin (735) follow. For girls - Maria (554) and Nicole (518).

The top three among the ten most common names for girls - Victoria, Maria and Nicole - have been preserved for more than seven years.

For newborn boys, along with the traditional names Georgi, Dimitar, Ivan and Kaloyan, names uncharacteristic of the Bulgarian tradition such as Martin, Daniel and Viktor predominate.

In the comparison of NSI with the most preferred names for 2012, it is striking that for both boys and girls there is no change in the 12 most preferred names, only shifts.

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