Girl pimped by gang

At least seven videos of pornographic content featuring a 14-year-old girl have been found on the mobile phones of two of three suspects arrested in connection with a pimping case involving the minor.

In their testimonies, the arrested men admitted that they had met with the 14-year-old in a hotel in Metaxourgeio, central Athens, but denied that they had paid to have intercourse with her. The suspects are aged 24, 25 and 29. The 14-year-old is expected to testify about the case.

Social workers became concerned after noticing that the girl, who was living in a home for minors in the suburb of Nea Smyrni, southern Athens, occasionally left the facility for hours at a time. One social worker was informed by a friend of the girl that she had met a man and was "going out" with him. The 14-year-old left the premises at noon on Sunday, March 19, and returned on Monday...

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