Prague Cello Quartet to interpret popular songs in Ankara

Prague Cello Quartet (PCQ), which consists of four professional musicians who graduated from the music academy, will take the stage for the first time on June 4 at CSO Ada Ankara.

The quartet, consisting of three cellists Jan Zverina, Štěpán Švestka and Michal Haring and double bass player Tomáš Otevřel, has produced many successful music videos that have been viewed millions of times on the internet.

After the albums "No 1" (2011), "Top Secret" (2013), "Happy" (2017) and "Broadway" (2019), the group brought together their most popular tracks in their latest album, "Best of & More" in 2022). At its concerts, PCQ presents a wide repertoire of famous classics, jazz, rock and pop hits.

Since their debut on the music scene in 2006, the band organized more than 100 works and toured all over the world, from Japan to China and from South Korea to Colombia. Given numerous performances in Europe, the band also trains young musicians and regularly takes part in charity events.

They aim to entertain audiences with their clever humor and adaptations of well-known compositions and to cross the boundaries between entertainment and classical music.

Speaking about how their professional journey started, Jan Zverina, the founder of the Prague Cello Quartet, said that they first came together in 2006 during their studies at the conservatory and music universities and released their first CD in 2011 and first professional video in 2017, which reached almost 40 million views.

He said that the most important aspect of the cello that distinguishes it from other instruments is its color of sound, which is considered by many experts to be the closest to the human voice.

"At the same time, it has the largest tonal range of the string...

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