Acrimony over Rodopi intensifies

[Thomas Zikos/SYRIZA Press Office/AMNA]

The issue of the Turkish consulate's intervention in the Rodopi constituency of Thrace continued to spark tension on Monday with acrimonious exchanges between New Democracy and SYRIZA.

The leftist party is accused by ND over its lack of reaction to evidence indicating the Turkish consulate's support to two Muslim SYRIZA candidates during the May 21 elections, while SYRIZA referred to dangerous games with the Muslim minority. 

Rodopi was the only constituency in which ND failed to win a majority. The confrontation was further fueled on Monday by SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras' request to meet acting Prime Minister Ioannis Sarmas on the issue, prompting accusations from ND spokesman Akis Skertsos of "political impropriety" and an attempt "to involve the acting prime minister in the election debate."

Tsipras warned the issue "could create significant national risks....

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