Greeks becoming fewer, older, lonelier

Greek society is aging and experiencing great changes in its structural characteristics, according to the results of the 2021 population census, which were released on Friday by the Hellenic Statistical Authority.

More specifically, the permanent population of Greece is 10,482,487 people, down by 3.1% compared to 10 years earlier.

Broken down, 48.9% of the population is male (5,125,977) and 51.1% female (5,356,510), which can be attributed to the fact that women have an average life expectancy five years longer than men, according to Byron Kotzamanis, professor of demography at the University of Thessaly.

At the same time, the number of people over 80 is constantly increasing, reaching 766,043, compared to the previous census data of 583,333 people over 80.

One in three people in the country is over 60. Similarly, there has been a decrease in the number...

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