Bulgaria: GERB announced their Candidate for Mayor of Sofia

Anton Hekimyan

The GERB-SDS coalition registered Anton Hekimyan as a candidate for Mayor of Sofia in the Municipal Election Commission.

Hekimyan was until recently the director of "News and Current Affairs" on bTV. On Saturday, he surprisingly left his position. In bTV he went through the entire ladder - intern, reporter, editor, TV presenter.

The representatives of GERB came to the Central Election Commission led by the deputy chairman of the party, Tomislav Donchev.

Donchev said that they waited until the last to make the best decision on who would be the candidate for mayor of the capital, and the decision was made not from the point of view of party interest, but to give civil society a chance to vote for a notable person.

Hekimyan announced to the media that he did not take the decision lightly.

"I made the decision fully consciously, personally and after time, which I asked to be given to think. Everything happened last week. I had a personal meeting with Boyko Borissov and personally received from him the invitation to be the candidate of GERB for mayor".

According to him, Sofia should be an even more modern city.

"To be a green city, open to investments, to young people. But above all, I emphasize education, because it will bring even more potential and personnel to the city and develop it. We will not forget the big infrastructure projects that must be completed," he added.

According to Hekimyan, the large infrastructure projects will not be forgotten, which, according to him, must be completed in order for Sofia to become a capital that can prove its leadership in the European ranking.

"Receiving the offer to be a candidate for mayor of Sofia, I realized that I want to continue working...

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