How Many People Voted with Machines and with Paper in Sofia's Mayoral Elections

In the decisive runoff for Sofia's mayoral seat, the battle wasn't just between candidates Vasil Terziev and Vanya Grigorova; it extended to the method voters preferred - traditional ballots or electronic machines. A noteworthy 291,000 voters embraced the efficiency of technology, opting for machine voting, while 146,000 adhered to the familiarity of paper ballots. This dichotomy provides intriguing insights into the evolving landscape of voter preferences.

The Central Election Commission's data shed light on additional nuances within the ballots cast. Approximately 3,000 ballots were deemed invalid, and over 9,000 boldly bore the statement "I do not support anyone." These numbers add an interesting layer to the electoral landscape, reflecting a sentiment of dissatisfaction or protest among voters.

The breakdown of voting preferences revealed a pattern: Vasil Terziev garnered more support through machine voting, while Vanya Grigorova found stronger resonance among those opting for traditional paper ballots.

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