Serbia registers 13.4 bln dinar budget deficit in January-September

BELGRADE - Serbia registered a 13.4 bln dinar budget deficit between January and September, which is 115.4 bln dinars better than the planned 128.8 bln deficit, the Ministry of Finance has said.

Revenues totalled 1,372.6 bln dinars, while expenditures amounted to 1,386.0 bln dinars.

A 44.9 bln dinar deficit was registered in September, the ministry said in a statement.

September revenues amounted to 143.5 bln dinars, with tax revenues totalling 126.2 bln dinars.

VAT and excise duties made up most of the tax revenues, totalling 66.2 bln dinars and 28.5 bln dinars, respectively, while non-tax revenues amounted to 15.8 bln dinars and donations stood at 1.4 bln dinars.

Expenditures totalled 188.3 bln dinars.

Expenditures for employees totalled 33.6 bln dinars, transfers to the pension and disability insurance fund, the national health...

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