Austrian Officers to Assist Document Checks at Bucharest Airport Following Schengen Entry

Romania's Schengen accession on March 31 brings about notable changes at Bucharest's Henri Coanda International Airport as Austrian officers will collaborate with Romanian counterparts in passport and document scrutiny. The collaboration aims to enhance border security and streamline identity verification processes for travelers entering the Schengen zone.

Catalin Predoiu, Romania's Minister of Internal Affairs, revealed plans for Austrian officers to support Romanian border police in validating identity documents. The assistance involves expert guidance from Austrian officers specializing in document authentication, providing crucial assistance in identifying potential counterfeit or incorrect documents.

As part of broader border security measures, Predoiu announced the deployment of 2,000 police officers from the European border service, "Frontex," to reinforce border protection in Romania and Bulgaria.

Highlighting the gradual nature of Romania's Schengen entry, Predoiu referenced Austria's similar process, emphasizing that this isn't Romania's exclusive or initial experience with phased Schengen integration.

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