Foreign Minister Gabriel: Bulgaria Stands Firm with Israel Against Terrorism

Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel, representing Bulgaria, reiterated the country's steadfast commitment to supporting Israel's right to defend itself against terrorist attacks. The announcement was made during her participation in an EU Council meeting held in Brussels. Gabriel emphasized the importance of collective efforts to ensure the safety of innocent civilians, with a particular focus on protecting children.

Reflecting on the historical events of October 7 and the hostages still in need of liberation, Gabriel underscored the significance of international collaboration to prioritize the well-being of civilians in conflict zones. She acknowledged the complex nature of dealing with organizations like Hamas, characterizing it not only as a terrorist group but also as an ideology that requires comprehensive strategies for effective confrontation.

During the EU Council meeting, Gabriel highlighted a crucial and intensive session with partners from the Middle East, where regional threats were discussed. She expressed gratitude to Egypt for its vital assistance in evacuating Bulgarian citizens from Gaza following a Hamas attack in October. Moreover, Gabriel announced her scheduled visit to Cairo on February 10, emphasizing the strategic importance of Bulgaria's partnership with Egypt, especially as 2026 marks the centennial of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Looking ahead, Gabriel pointed to potential collaborations between Bulgaria and Egypt in renewable energy and innovation, showcasing a broader and forward-looking approach to the bilateral relationship. The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the need for strategic thinking and collaboration to address pressing issues in the region, both in terms of national security and...

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