FM wraps up Balkan tour with focus on Gaza

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan concluded his three-day Balkan tour in Romania on Jan. 31, rounding off his diplomatic mission with a call for international action regarding the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

The focus of the conference remained on Israel's actions in Gaza, echoing Fidan's earlier statements during his visit to Albania and Bulgaria.

Türkiye's top diplomat urged Israel to adhere to the International Court of Justice's injunction, emphasizing the immediate necessity of a full ceasefire in Gaza.

"We cannot and must not remain silent while 2 million people are being bombarded and left to die openly from starvation and epidemics," Fidan said in Bucharest. "I once again call on the world community to act strongly to prevent this massacre."

During the press conference, Fidan highlighted the discussions held with Romanian officials, emphasizing the exchange of views on the latest developments in the Balkans and the ongoing situation in the Middle East.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza was a recurring theme throughout his Balkan tour, with Fidan advocating for the facilitation of aid entry.

The minister's plea for international intervention and solidarity was not confined to Romania, as he had earlier expressed similar sentiments during visits to Albania and Bulgaria.

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